Executive Summary

cannon-lift-08bIntersal is a Florida based “S” corporation which in 1996 discovered Queen Anne’s Revenge (QAR), flagship of Blackbeard the Pirate, near Beaufort Inlet, NC in 1718. Since then Intersal has searched for El Salvador, a privately-owned Spanish merchant vessel which also sank near Beaufort Inlet, in 1750.

Based on the 1996 discovery of Blackbeard’s QAR, Intersal holds media rights to all commercial narrative (pictures, video, etc.) of the QAR project; and right to make and market both exact replicas and collectable reproductions of QAR artifacts.

El Salvador’s treasure consists of four chests of Gold coins and sixteen chests of Silver coins, plus considerable contraband believed to include Emeralds. Total value of the treasure is (very conservatively) estimated to be in excess of $150 million dollars.

As a consulting firm, Intersal benefits from over 20 years of experience in marine operations, government/private industry relations and permitting. Intersal personnel have extensive experience in these fields, as well as military/government/private industry partnerships and technology.


“To secure additional revenue streams while searching for El Salvador.” Goal is to generate operating revenue through development of:

  • a) Assets held by Intersal as a result of our 1996 discovery of QAR.
  • b) Consulting opportunities in marine operations, government relations, permitting, military/private industry partnerships and technology, etc


John Masters – Chairman of the Board

David Reeder – President & CEO

Kevin Meadows – Vice President & COO

Glenn Haft – Treasurer & CFO

Allan Fields –Vice President

Investor Relations:

Thomas Moran – Vice President of Marketing & Officer


Marine Recovery

Consulting (Marine Operations,

Shipwreck Location & Recovery, Government/Military/Private Industry Partnerships & Technology)

QAR Replicas & Commercial Media

Bank: Bank of America


Glenn Haft (Haft, Steinlauf & Co)

Law Firms:

Link Harris Law Group PLLC

McCotter, Ashton & Smith, LLP

Hartman, Davis & Wright, LLP

Horan, Wallace & Higgins, LLP

Financial Advisors:

David Weinstein (DNA Partners LLC)

Professional Advisors:

Rob Reedy – Research, History, Archaeology

Jim Whitaker – Marine Operations